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What to do if my Amazon account gets Suspended - skip to Main Content
What To Do If My Amazon Account Gets Suspended

What to do if my Amazon account gets Suspended

With over billions of monthly visitors, Amazon strictly regulates sellers to maintain the high-quality decorum in the marketplace. Most of the people (Amazon sellers) have no problem to follow the rules, policies, and quality standards of Amazon.

Everyone wants to take the benefits of a site that has over 2 billions monthly visitors, where each and every traffic comes from the buying intention.

So, it is very important for Amazon to preserve the high quality of its marketplace.

Having said that, Amazon’s rules are strict. Even the best of sellers have had their accounts suspended.

Yet, sellers’ account suspension is quite common these days and it happens all the time, sometimes even due to minor issues and mistakes.

Common and popular issues for account suspension

Sometimes you provide your 100% but somehow your account gets suspended. Here are common and most popular account suspension issues:

Invalid buyer complaints may be someone from competitor list file a complaint against you and which is extremely inappropriate and invalid.

Wrong product description : we are human, we make mistakes but this is something not tolerable. Miscommunication in your product details will end up your account suspension. It is important to check and review your products and product’s details are complete matches with each other.

Order Defect Rate: As per Amazon the order Defect Rate (ODR) is 1% if it increases from 1% due to issues like Not Received complaints or Defective Item or Materially different Issue Amazon will suspend your account and if it goes beyond 2% Amazon will block your account.

Cancel Rate: Cancel Rate depends on the orders cancelled by the seller and how frequently he cancelled the orders it may be due to Out of Stock etc. The threshold for cancel Rate is 2.5%. If you’re cancel Rate goes beyond 2.5% Amazon will suspend your account.

Late Shipment Rate: The order which you have sent did not reach to the buyer in the maximum Estimated Delivery Date (MAX EDD) system will capture that particular order under Late Shipment Rate (LSR). Buyers don’t like the “Shipping Delay” and it happens a lot of time. Shipping is out of your hands but a mindset is completely different. They think you’re the seller, you’re also responsible for the shipping. So, it is very important to choose a convenient shipping company.Threshold for Late Shipment Rate is 4%. But remember one thing due to Late Shipment Rate your Order Defect Rate (ODR) will also impact because if buyer enquires about is order system will also marked as Not Received Complaint (NOTR). So due to Late shipment Rate Order Defect Rate also impacts.

Infringement Issues: This os one of the most common issue among sellers and we also called as Rights Owner Issue or the copyright Issue. If you are selling some specific brand I.e (Sony, Apple, Samsung Nokia, Innisfree, Hudson, Kerastrasse) these big brands have their own legal firms. They check on regular basis if the seller who is selling their brand Online is having rights to sell their brand online or not. If they found that the specific seller does not have rights to sell their brand online then they place a complaint against that seller and Amazon block the seller account for Rights Owner Issue or Infringement Issues

Your account gets suspended with a lot of other reasons which leaves you hanging in far too many cases.

How can I prevent my account from suspension?

Just follow the simple rule of thumb. Which Amazon’s selling policies. Here summarized list:

1. Maintain current account information
2. Do not open a new seller account if your selling privileges have been removed.
3. Do not misrepresent yourself
4. Honor your commitment to buy or sell
5. Leave thoughtful feedback about your transaction partners

If Amazon finds you violating any of these rules. You will no longer to sell on Amazon

What actually happens when Amazon seller account gets suspended?

Amazon suspension brings your entire online business down whatever you’re selling on Amazon, whether you’re a bestseller or new on. You will completely be suspended from doing anything.

You will get a notification in performance notification section says:

“Your Amazon selling privileges have been removed. To sell on, please provide a detailed plan of action on how you will address these issues.”

It will not only leads you to block from selling but also your funds Amazon will refuse to release your funds. Regardless of the transaction in question or issue that bought on the suspension, Amazon will hold all of the funds in your seller account balance.

Of course, Amazon wants to preserve flawless customer service for all of their customers but is it fair to suspend the account? Absolutely not..!

Running an e-commerce business might not be a constant risk but when you’re selling on Amazon, that’s exactly what it is.

Fortunately, Amazon sellers account suspension is not the end of the world. Sellers have their own privileges and they can them to restore their account.

How to reinstate your Amazon sellers account today?

Here’s where we come..!

We are specialized in sellers rights to help them to keep their account running flawlessly and address Amazon for seller’s account suspension.

We work with sellers to get their suspended accounts back / reinstated, provides a perfect and strategic plan to action that covers everything in detail. Which reinstate the Amazon seller’s account.

How the process works

1. Our plan to action starts with the initial investigation of your account. Which generates a comprehensive report clearly defining the problem and reasons why your account gets suspended.
2. After examining the issue(s) we immediately draft a plan to action.
3. Write an appeal that covers all Amazon’s requirements for account reinstatement. Which will defend your seller rights.
4. Address the buyer complaints and negative feedback to boost your seller account performance and prevents the future Amazon seller’s account suspension.

So, if your Amazon seller account gets suspended reach us immediately. Because Amazon gives only 17 days to submit an appeal to reinstate the seller account.

Call us: +1-562-371-8326

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