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Check out How to Deal with Inauthentic or Counterfeit Complaints! - skip to Main Content
Check Out How To Deal With Inauthentic Or Counterfeit Complaints!

Check out How to Deal with Inauthentic or Counterfeit Complaints!

It is true that counterfeit products are the fake products and inauthentic products are those that were not purchased from a reputed distributor. Going through inauthentic or counterfeit complaints products is a big offence on Amazon. In other words, inauthentic products are the ones purchased from unauthorized sellers, and counterfeit products are false or duplicate products.

If a customer raises any complaints against your products, your Amazon account may get suspended. Well, if that is the case, you need to show evidence of purchase to the seller performance team to confirm that all your goods were purchased from an authorized dealer. Don’t worry! There are a few ways to deal with these inauthentic or counterfeit complaints; first, let’s find out what leads to these complaints.

The most likely causes for receiving inauthentic or counterfeit complaints could be:

Confusion between the terminologies!

Sometimes, customers file a complaint as they don’t have a proper idea about the difference between the two terms. And it can create a complex situation for you, even though you do not have any mistake. Despite whether your products are authentic or not, customers will make the complaints regardless.  In this case, Amazon will suspend your account. If you are not able to understand that why your customers complained against your products, at that time to reinstate your account, you will have to declare your buy detail in your plan of action.

Improper packaging!

It is possible that your products are authentic, but the wrapping may not be as per with the Amazon’s customer’s expectations. Sometimes, customers marked the items as inauthentic items as they found differences between the product demonstrated on Amazon and the ones received. Here, they should file the complaint   – ‘not as advertised’. But they usually mark it as inauthentic and then it becomes your task to correct the packaging and prove the authenticity of your product.

Product Description!

Inauthentic product complaint may be filed due to confusion or similarity between the product description of your products and the same of goods of other brands. It makes the customers believe that you might be selling a copy or fake products. Again, it becomes your duty to adjust your product descriptions in a creative way to stay away from the confusion between your products and the ones of other brands. In any case, if there is some trouble, you require producing proof of your authenticity.

How to avoid counterfeiting or inauthentic complaints?

Research Your Source – Prior to signing on with a fresh wholesale provider, do your due diligence. Are they given those legitimate goods? Are they a trustworthy distributor and what are their reviews?

Keep Documentation – If you face a counterfeit claim, just give a proof of your goods being genuine. Maintain copies of your packing slips, invoices, order forms, etc. Be sure of one thing that they have all the needed information such as colors, product description, sizes, price, dates, origin, distributor contact information, and more.

Maintain High Packaging Standards – Occasionally when customers receive a product, it doesn’t meet their thought of what they anticipated, they may file a complaint against you. In this case, you’ll have to provide evidence about yourself to Amazon again. When adding goods for sale, make sure you understand customers’ hope and thoroughly provide details what they can expect to receive to proactively reduce this risk.

So, deal with inauthentic or counterfeit complaints hassle-free through amazing solutions mentioned above.

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