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Seller-friendly Guide to Amazon Order Defect Rate - skip to Main Content
Seller-friendly Guide To Amazon Order Defect Rate

Seller-friendly Guide to Amazon Order Defect Rate

Amazon has extensively matured in last decade and continued to boost faster even in the present time. Due to this, we are living in lavishing times where shopaholics can shop by just sitting on a couch. All thanks to increased sellers who provide products through this prominent e-commerce platform to meet customers’ requirements.

But, one thing that concerns Amazon sellers is the Order Defect Rate (ODR). This comes under the imperative measurements traced by Amazon, which affects on sellers’ stability in the Amazon market.

The ODR works both as lucrative and scary as well. Sellers never know when Amazon suspends their accounts if they are unable to meet customers’ expectations.

If you are a seller of Amazon, you should be cognizant of how Amazon Order Defect Rate works for a better experience.

Amazon ODR: Role of Seller’s Performance!

  • A-to-Z Guarantee Claim Rate: If a product is unsatisfactory or delivery is delayed, consumers opt for a claim.
  • Negative Feedback: Customer is the king and so his comments.
  • Charge Back Rate: This includes a number of times sellers refund orders.

When these three factors come together determine sellers’ order defect rate and Amazon divide it by a total number of orders placed during a given 2 months of duration.

If a seller receives one claim and two negative customer’s comments out of a total 100 orders in June, his ODR is 3%. This rate is far too high. In order to continue selling on Amazon, the ODR should be under 1%.

What if Amazon ODR Reaches 1%?

  • Amazon Buy Box is everything for sellers. If your products are responsible for shipping, then you’ll automatically lose the buy box. After all, Amazon cares for the consumers. If your product is flawed then Amazon’s reputation is at risk.
  • Be serious to ODR has Amazon preserve buyers’ credibility in the Buy Box. If you are holding payments to refund customers then your relationship with Amazon is in danger as your ODR may reach 1% regardless of how successful your product is.

Thus, 3% ODR discussed before is more than a little shattering.

Seller’s Knowledge to Monitor ODR

Amazon monitors sellers’ performance in order to know how the Amazon views them. To check your ODR report, follow:

  • Visit Account Health Page
  • In the Customer Service Performance Action, go to View Details.
  • Select the order Defect Rate Tab.
  • Select the Download Report button by scrolling down.

Boost Amazon Order Defect Rate!

  • Assess and Address Feedback: It is highly recommended for sellers to read all claims and consumers’ feedbacks to discover what’s causing them. Through Account Health Page, sellers can review their performance anytime.
  • Free Shipping a Priority: Mostly, delivery delays result in negative feedback. Go with minimal handling times for reliable shipment tracking.

One cannot stop Amazon from prioritizing Order Defect Rate of sellers. No matter, whether you are working to reverse a high ODR or wants to maintain it less than 1% constantly, the above guide is helpful.

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