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Blocked ASIN Complaint: All You Need To Know About!

Blocked ASIN Complaint: All You Need to Know About!

Listen up Amazon sellers! Creating an account to boost your business is not limited to uploading products and getting them approved, you need to keep a record with ASIN number.

With the help of ASIN numbers, Amazon creates and manages your retail catalog as these numbers help in identifying the exact items you aim to sell.

ASIN Number: A Product’s Identification Number

ASIN expands as Amazon Standard Identification Number. Amazon assigns 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier for each product. This is how Amazon places products in the catalog.  ASIN numbers vary with different Amazon sites. However, ASIN has a creation limit. In order to provide customers with an excellent shopping experience, Amazon limits the number of creation.

Until a seller doesn’t establish a good sales history with Amazon, ASIN numbers remain limited. Once a seller increases his sales, capacity will increase. Therefore, it is essential to place the items on the top, for which sellers wish to increase the sales. For an established seller, Amazon favors removing the ability to form new listings as per the policy. However, the site reevaluates the status every week.

Duplicate ASIN Creation Policy

If new ASIN is created with the same product available in the catalog, Amazon prohibits such action and can result in getting your selling privileges prohibited temporarily. Thus, ASIN is designed for such a purpose where you can easily find your available products in the catalog so that no repetition takes place.

Duplicate listing is a great loss to sellers as Amazon matches your details with existing products for enhancing traffic instead of following the duplicate list. Moreover, finding the ASIN number is easy. There are two ways to look for the ASIN number. First, simply scroll down the page and read for the ASIN in the product’s description. Second, look at the URL carefully and you’ll clearly find 10-alphanumeric characters. That’s ASIN!

Well, ASIN number has a significant role in the stability of seller’s account as well.

Blocked ASIN Complaint

  • Depending on customer’s complaints and Amazon analyses, ASIN consistency settles down. If a seller delivers any expired item to the customer and complaint is filed online, Amazon would trace it and block the ASIN of that particular product. This can affect the account’s sustainability.
  • Further, determining ‘used sold as new’ complaints is hazardous to your account’s health. Thus, sellers need to ensure that their business should run smoothly and hassle-free on Amazon. According to the Amazon policy, if any product is returned and is not opened and damaged, the product is considered to be ‘new’. Stay updated to Amazon policy.
  • Most of the Amazon sellers receive the complaint as used sold as new; the majority of maximum sellers limit their products to sourcing only. They emphasize products that are completely unused, new, and packaged as per the Amazon standards. Even after this, sellers receive complaints and therefore, FBA warehouse of your inventory trace each action of your product. This is great for Amazon sellers!

In order to avoid blocked ASIN complaints, it is essential to opt for FBA repackaging service, the excellent solution to ensure that item when returned should not be resold. This reduces receiving of complaints as well.

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